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Solar Grid Connect Design And Installation Process: CEC Certification

This course is for licensed electricians. Activate the Clean Energy Council certification for 'Installation network design and connection system'.

Course description

The fitness australia CEC points are designed for certified electricians who want to become CEC (Clean Energy Council) certified. This gives you access to incentives for installing solar panels provided by the federal government. The courses offered to meet the certification requirements of the Clean Energy Council, a certification body.

Training is provided through a combination of technical/theoretical training and actual workshop training and assessment. This course covers the essential knowledge and skills necessary to meet industry requirements. The training takes place over 4 days (some pre-course work is required).


Upon completion, you can apply for certification to the Clean Energy Commission.

Through authentication

Access the customer's REC / STC.

Customs access feed provided by supplier/retailer

Reduces customer installation costs

Follow recognized code for installation

Use of the Clean Energy Commission logo in advertising without permission

Access to a limited technical support website operated by CEC

Skill unit

Course units are designated by the Clean Energy Council and can be applied for certification upon successful completion of the required competencies. The current requirement is to complete 3 devices.

Solve the basic problem of solar energy devices and equipment.

Design of solar energy systems connected to the grid.

Installation, configuration and commissioning of a solar energy system connected to a BT network

Conditions of participation

Applicants must have a Class A electrician license or be an apprentice last year. Evidence must be provided at the time of registration.

The cost of the course is $ 2,180 (including daily work).

The Clean Energy Commission is working to increase the quality standards of the solar industry through its certification program.


The effective kettlebell CEC courses online recognize the qualified electricians needed to design and install solar systems, batteries, and other renewable energy systems.

CEC Certified Spark aims to meet industry best practice standards by producing systems that are safe, reliable, and meet customer expectations.

Australia currently has more than 7,000 accredited installers.

Why certified?

Clean Energy Commission certification is essential for anyone designing or installing solar or battery storage systems.

Clean Energy Council authorized installers can:

Ideal for government incentives like Small Technology Certification (STC)

Use CEC's Solar Technology Advice Line

Access exclusive webinars, toolbox conversations, methods, and technical information

Stay up-to-date with important future changes to industry standards and guidelines

Stay up-to-date on product testing and new issues with Clean Energy Regulator Inspection

Included in the installer search tool in the consumer section of the website

There is an opinion on the standard represented by the standards committee

The Installer Reference Group allows you to receive news from government and regulatory agencies.

Supports the important work of the Clean Energy Commission, including advocating for the solar energy and storage industries.

Authentication is for personal use only. This differs from the Approved Solar Retail Program, which is available only to members of the Clean Energy Council and qualified solar and storage retail companies offered to businesses.