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Dr Louis Shidiak Is The Doctor For You

We all have to visit a doctor for regular check ups as a baby and when we grow up if theres an injury. But while visiting a doctor make sure that the person you are trusting your life with is capable enough or not. One way to do so is be aware regarding the educational qualification or the experience of the doctor. And the name that comes to surface when you consider these two factors is Dr Louis Shidiak. In addition to being an orthopedic surgeon, he renders his services and experise to the Rugby Club in Parramatta and over there he is the main incharge for all medicinal purposes. He has been working closely with the club for over a decade and a half now, indicating on his loyalty and deication towards what he belives in. As a doctor, Dr Shidiak employes a range of treatement procedures depending upon the nature of the injury.

The first step that he ubdertakes is the viewing or the assessment of the injury. This can be done thorugh an X-ray if a joint or a bone is involved. The doctor then views the x-ray report and decides if the patient needs just a pain relief medicine, requires sessions of physiotherapy along with medicines or there is a surgery that is requied in extreme cases. So irrespective of the nature of your injury, you must visit Dr Lousi Shidiak as he is capable enough of finding a right treatment for your particular problem. Ever since his graduation in the year 2002, he has successfully treated various natures of hip related injuries all over Australia. One of the known treatments that he undertakes is the hip replacement. Inaddition to that, knee replacement is the other domain he is specialized in.

The knee bone is surrounded by muscles and tissues along with ligaments and tendons. One of the tendons know as ACL is of utmost importance as the knee movement is hindered if it is damaged.  The treatment not always is replacement, most patients wo suffer from this are recommended activities such as cycling ans swimming such that the knee movement can be restored back to normal. If your tendon gets torn during a sports activity, there is a likely chance that it can be fixed, am latrenate way is to have it re grown, but for that only a specialist can firther guide you properly. Apart from breaking or damaging of the tendons, the knee is alo damaged if any of the two Mesniscus that are made of ligaments are damaged while playing on the field. This is because the movement of the knee joint is not possible without proper functioning of these ligaments. Check this website to find out more details.