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A white board also known as marker board has replaced the chalk boards from our past and became most popular now days. They are used in schools, colleges and even universities. The white boards are also found at many business places for the presentation purposes. When you think about purchasing a whiteboard online, keep the following points in mind.

Points to keep in mind while purchasing whiteboards online:

If you are thinking to purchase whiteboard online and you are stuck in front of your laptop how to choose, then no need to worry as we will help you find the best product for you. The factor that must be kept in mind is the size of your board, like how large you will need it. For this purpose, measure the dimensions of the place where it is needed to be placed. Another question that should be in mind is the time of delivery it would take. The purchasing of whiteboards online does not take too much to be delivered. But if you are not bound to the time then you can customize your board in size if desired. Price comparison must be done as it is very easy to do it online. Choose the best one that is most affordable for you.

What should be noticed in purchasing a whiteboard online?

The main purpose of the white board is to display your presentation, whether in any educational institute or any business place. The things that matter first are the construction and the writing space provided. The three main types of white boards are melamine white boards; they are non-magnetic, the steel boards and the porcelain white boards.

The melamine whiteboards are the most popular in sale, as they are low in price. The magnetic whiteboards are bit expensive. Regardless of their name; they are not made up of magnet, but they are made up of steel and can catch magnetic accessories like dusters and markets etc.

Mobility of a board is another that must be kept in mind if you are purchasing a whiteboard online. Whiteboards from Central Coast are usually mounted on walls at one place, but if your requirement is to move your board in different rooms, you can purchase mobile whiteboards. They are adjusted in a frame such that they have wheels in lower body that helps in movement from one room to the other. Referring to the weight of the board, mobile whiteboards are not usually available in larger sizes.


Apart from their easy usage and benefits of maintaining it very easily, whiteboards are popular because they require minimal hardware to be adjusted and mounted on wall. For a moving white board, easels are easily available in market. When purchasing a whiteboard online, you can also order the easel along with it. Presenting it in front of the audience, never forget to keep it in proper height so that it can be seen by everyone. You can purchase the best whiteboards online from “Lawdex displays”.