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If you have a small bathroom and you are worried about not being able to style it the way you want, to look huge and fancy, well then worry no more. Here are a few ideas you could use to design your small bathroom to seem huge and out-of-this-world.

Mirrors and space

The best way to create an illusion of a huge space is installing mirrors. The reflection created through each and every mirror with light hitting on it is ideal for any small space to seem double its size. So with the help of bathroom builders Melbourne or other experts, do try to install them in to your washroom.

Turn up the gold

Give your bathroom remodel Mornington a glamourous touch by fitting in reflective gold wallpaper. Add in gold touch fittings like sink pipes, tap holders and even tub stands for the extra touch. Combine cherry red as well in to the mix for a look that is certainly unique and one of a kind. This way your small bathroom would look more intimate than small!

The comic mural

Everyone loves comics and reading comic strips. So use that as a guide to find wallpaper that is designed with comics and of the colors black and white. Combine your fittings as well in to the look and give the entire space a relaxing and interesting touch. To highlight the wallpaper even more stick to creating a mixing of black and white neutral shades for the walls and fittings.

Bring out the bold and beautiful

Usually the wallpaper that we tend to choose is something that is more neutral or less highlighting. This way we try to create more emphasis on the fitting much more than the wallpaper. So instead of sticking to the usual style, revamp the look and fit in highlighting wallpaper that is of a bold and unique shade. To this mix combine neutral colored fittings to balance out the look. You could also add dark shaded details like dark framed mirrors and whatnot to create more emphasis on the wallpaper.

Floral wallpaper

Another interesting wallpaper that you could include as a base for designing your washroom is florals. Find such wallpaper and attach them in a way to create a floor to ceiling floral look that is unique and calming. Install fitting with dark black rimmed pipes and such to highlight the wallpaper and the entire look you are going for.You could also try out other ideas like Aztec designs and whatnot. But make sure that your fittings also match with the two. So consider the above and give your small bathroom a big touch!